A Father Speaks Out – Response to the Shamers

A Father Speaks Out – Response to the Shamers

[A guest column from a friend who provides needed answers to a movement of shamers. Shamers are those out there who feel the need to verbally bully people they disagree with in order to silence them into submission.]

Today’s message is for the faith-based conservative man or woman who has been verbally battered, bullied or guilt-tripped by a friend or family member with the message that if you voted for Trump you somehow are

Cupcakes with safety pins.

Tolerance only for those that the far left can tolerate.

against them and you are no longer welcome in their world. There is usually a radical activist in your son or daughter’s life that doesn’t have strong family ties and wants to negatively influence your children’s minds to make sure their ties to family are loosened enough to break away. (more…)

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