The Oval Office Monarchy

The Oval Office Monarchy

This Week’s Lie from the President

-I was personally offended by the President the other day. He thinks I’m an idiot. He thinks most Americans are idiots. He is of the attitude that when he says something it automatically becomes true and automatically becomes the law of the land. Unfortunately for the President the patience of most Americans is wearing quite thin.

Years after declaring, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and telling Americans how his signature law will bend the cost of health insurance down the President is spouting yet another set of lies. (more…)

What is a Law ?

Friday is the day in Washington, DC when things come out that people don’t want to answer questions about. They hope that by Monday all will be forgotten and the American public will be on to something new. It’s like the suburban game of ‘Ring and Run’, when adolescents ring a doorbell and run away before anyone comes to answer. Sometimes there is a bag of dog poop lit on fire left by the door in hopes that whoever answers will try to stamp it out.

Yesterday was Friday and yesterday’s flaming bag of poop contained (more…)


“When we have lost our way, the quickest way forward is usually to go home.”  – C.S. Lewis

Much is being written about speaker Boehner’s giving up the speaker’s gavel of the U.S. House of Representatives. What should be looked at are his words when he took the gavel from Nancy Pelosi. The following was written by John Boehner article in the Wall Street Journal November 5, 2010 entitled “What the Next Speaker Must Do.”

Speakers Gavel

The Speaker’s Gavel


It’s Just Data… Yeah, but it’s mine.

NSA Data CollectionSenator Rand Paul  (TN–R) spoke for over 11 hours on the Senate floor the other day against massive unwarranted data collection by the NSA. A part of the Patriot Act which Congress was attempting to reauthorize prior to its sunset provision. The sunset provision is the only thing I like about the Patriot Act.

Government has the unique knack of producing outcomes completely opposite of what the bills they pass say they’ll do or opposite of what they’re called. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is not at all affordable. No Child Left Behind seems to have left them all behind. As a matter of fact if the government ran an ice cream store and they served you a two scoop cone of chocolate ice cream expect it to be only one scoop and expect that to look and taste exactly like vanilla. (more…)

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