Choose Choice – School Choice up for Debate

Choose Choice – School Choice up for Debate

As we just celebrated School Choice Week, which included stalling on approving Betsy DeVos to run the Dept. of Education, I figured that I should chime in. Now to some of you, part of this will be something you have read before as it is something that I posted on Facebook many months ago. For those of you who did not see it, this will be brand spankin’ new.

Education is one of those hot-button topics. Everyone has an opinion about it. I have many. (more…)

A Father Speaks Out – Response to the Shamers

A Father Speaks Out – Response to the Shamers

[A guest column from a friend who provides needed answers to a movement of shamers. Shamers are those out there who feel the need to verbally bully people they disagree with in order to silence them into submission.]

Today’s message is for the faith-based conservative man or woman who has been verbally battered, bullied or guilt-tripped by a friend or family member with the message that if you voted for Trump you somehow are

Cupcakes with safety pins.

Tolerance only for those that the far left can tolerate.

against them and you are no longer welcome in their world. There is usually a radical activist in your son or daughter’s life that doesn’t have strong family ties and wants to negatively influence your children’s minds to make sure their ties to family are loosened enough to break away. (more…)

Taking Back Our Schools

Taking Back Our Schools

Two School Board seats up for grabs on August 30th.

The time for action has come.

The opportunity to do something great for our schools and our children’s education is right in front of us. Let us not allow this one to slip through our fingers.

I drive through the traffic circle at California and Peacock about 6 or 8 times a week.  I have been watching the new Somerset Prep school that is under construction, and I smile, knowing that the readers of this blog played a part in making that happen.  (more…)

The Kumbaya Ph.D

The Kumbaya Ph.D


Demand the end of government-backed student loans.


Wayne State Univ in Detroit, MI has elected to drop its requirement in mathematics and is considering a requirement in “diversity” to graduate.

This is more than just the most recent chapter in the liberal indoctrination of the nation and another notch in the belt of those looking to dumb down America.

This is just plain insanity and a clear and concise reason to call for the end of government-backed student loans.  (more…)

Education’s Techology Black Hole

Education’s Techology Black Hole

Is money spent on school technology money well spent?

Public education has advanced at a rapid pace with the focus on the paperless classroom.  Education leaders are advancing the theory that technology can place everything on computers for learning, review and testing.  This is the mantra school districts throughout the country have been marching to since the early 2000’s.  This focus on creating everything electronically has been advertised as the delivery system to assist our students in becoming better learners.

We are being sucked into the educational technology black hole by focusing more and more of our educational budget on technology infrastructure, software, and hardware.

With the creation of Common Core (the federal government’s attempt at taking over our local school systems) the requirement that all state testing is done on computers to allow quick analysis and feedback to our educators has been established.  Unfortunately, so far, we have not seen (more…)

Charter a Course in School Finance

Redux plus dux equals $878,000,000

-No, this is not a replay of a post from a few weeks ago.
Charter School Math Benefits Public Schools

Public schools make money from Charter Schools

A few weeks ago we attempted to clear up some misunderstanding that exists around charter schools. As we are often ahead of the curve, last week many  newspapers in the state of Florida ran a piece about charter schools. Cherry picking two schools that have closed the writer was aghast at wasted taxpayer money, $150,000, that went into these schools.

While we don’t like seeing wasted tax dollars when the 800 pound kettle is calling the Suzie Homemaker pot black it is necessary to bring notice to it.

As soon as last Sunday’s paper hit the door step the following letter was fired off to the local paper. We wanted to give the paper first crack at publishing a response to their article. Unless we missed it, it wasn’t or has yet to be published. So we felt that it was our duty to bring it to you here.


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