Charter misCommunication




People constantly speak and write about the advantage charter schools have over the public school system. Statements that they don’t take tests or educate tough children, all while getting the same funding as public schools are common in the press. These myths have no foundation to stand on. (more…)

Dreams Denied – Action Needed

Culture of Complacency Continues at St Lucie School Board


In the midst of double digit tax increases and millions of dollars in failed and failing investment we look for bright spots in the community. One of those bright spots is St Lucie County’s only charter high school which happens also to be Port St Lucie’s only A rated high school.

St Lucie School Board says NO to Charter School. The Culture of Complacency continues.

St Lucie School Board says NO to Charter School. The Culture of Complacency continues.

Somerset College Preparatory Academy Charter High School (formerly College Preparatory Academy of the Treasure Coast) is a great school with great rankings and has shown great improvement since it opened its doors. The teachers are excited to work there, the students are excited about learning, and the parents are excited there is finally some school choice for high school. (more…)

Competition – Best Cure for Public Education

Here is the first of what I think will be many in a collection of posts and articles about education.  Education, because it deals with our children, grandchildren, and the future of our country, has  been and will continue to be a hot button topic, and one we need to follow.  –  Mike L.

College Runner

Competition in education is a healthy concept and one that is long over due.

March Madness! Everyone who enjoys basketball and its competitive nature understands that phrase. March is the month of the college basketball’s super bowl, the NCAA national championship.

It is unfortunate that as a country we don’t have a similar passion for our K-12 educational system. In many states we have a grading system for our schools and school districts. This identifies the good from the not so good in public education. There really isn’t any competition within the system, just goals to be judged by. Would our schools be better if there were competition like a field of 64 defined down to #1, the CHAMPION? (more…)

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