Foreclosing On Obama’s Legacy

With the end nearing, Obama’s frustration shows.

Lis Pendens Served

The housing market topped out in late 2006 and then the bubble burst sending home values into freefall. In 2007 and 2008 when we were looking for a house to purchase it was not surprising that the vast majority of the homes we saw were foreclosures.

Many of the foreclosures we saw were left in ruins. No appliances, even the

Foreclosure for Obama's legacy

Foreclosure for Obama’s legacy

hot water heaters were taken. Not one piece of drywall was left intact and in some, bags of cement were flushed down the toilet. Some people who lost their homes were angry when they left. Not only did they turn out the lights they took the light fixtures and ripped out the wiring as well.

Barack Obama will be leaving office in just a few days there will be tears shed. Some out of sadness, many out of joy. Before he leaves, Obama will rip the plumbing out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  (more…)

The Aftermath – The Giants Win the Pennant

The Aftermath – The Giants Win the Pennant

Another shot heard ’round the world.

“Why aren’t I 50 points ahead you might ask.” -Hillary Clinton, Sept 23, 2016.

Hillary's Second Failed Campaign

Commemorative coin marking Hillary Clinton’s second failed presidential run.

I initially decided not to write about the election of Donald Trump. I did not want to gloat about the black swan we saw on the horizon, or how we knew the polls were wrong. However, we here at BecauseThisMatters got it right. Back in September when Hillary Clinton was ordering curtains for the family quarters at the White House, we told you what would happen. We had told you before Michael Moore gave his “biggest FU in recorded history” speech. It was Bobby Thompson’s home run, the Miracle on Ice, Rocky Balboa, and the colonists against the British Regulars, all rolled into one. It made you feel like Red Barber screaming, “The Giants win the pennant. The Giants win the pennant. The Giants win the pennant.” (more…)

An Election Like No Other

Have Hillary’s Chickens Comey Home to Roost?

  • To say this is an election season like no other is an understatement. The most recent events revolving around Clinton’s emails is like a never-ending saga. Like all great conspiracies, we need a pasty, a person to take the fall. The patsy in this chapter is none other than Huma Abedin. Hillary Clinton’s right hand, her second daughter (another one with zero resemblance to Bill Clinton) and possibly the person to be named as Chief of Staff in a Hillary White House.

All that might have come to a screeching halt. (more…)

Meltdown Commencing

Meltdown Commencing

Break Up or Break Down

Most of us have seen this played out on TV or in the movies, or maybe in real life. When you are sitting across the table from your significant other, and they say, “it’s not you, it’s me.” It is a nice way of saying this isn’t working out I’ll be moving on now. If you could pick up the check, I would appreciate it.

Clinton asks why she is not up 50 pts

Clinton asks why she is not up 50 pts. It turns out that it is nothing about her unlikeability, untrustworthiness, or criminal lying. It’s US!

Well, Hillary had one of those moments the other day when she spoke (screamed, yelled, shrieked) to a union group. Except Hillary did not take the blame. Quite the contrary. The video boils down to this;

“Why am I not up 50 points? IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.”

When I watched it, my initial thought was this is a great spoof, perfect voice over, amazing computer graphics. Then I found out it was real, my jaw dropped. The only things missing were three ball bearings and an empty can of strawberries. (If that went over your head I direct you to The Caine Mutiny, great book, great movie starring Bogey.) (more…)

The Black Swan

The Black Swan

Don’t Take it Personally

A Black Swan is something thought not to exist, or having an impossible probability. Even after its appearance it is often incorrectly explained.


Obama attempts to shame voters. A deplorable act?

President Obama in his last throes of political life tried to insult Americans into voting for Hillary Clinton. He shouted from his bully pulpit that we are not voting for her because she is a woman. He screamed that it would be a great insult against him if black Americans did not support her as they supported him.

We have heard it all before. How deplorable we all are.

In 2008 you were not deplorable if you voted for a man (Obama) over Hillary in the primary. The last eight years under Obama have been less than stellar for the black community that put him into office twice. In his hometown of Chicago, there have been 3,000 shootings this year alone. Obama and Clinton forget that BLM and their paid rioters do not vote. The real residents of those tragic communities, afraid to let their children play out in front of their homes do.

Those are the people who fear that Obama’s lack of support for the thin blue line will cause them not to patrol their neighborhoods. Those are the people who watch Hillary hug the leaders of BLM and watched as the DNC glorified the mothers of thugs that left this earth too early doing the only thing they knew how to do, be a thug.

So, as I sat there and watched an angry Obama giving the Black Congressional Caucus a tongue lashing I could only wish that he had the same heated emotion towards confronting the terrorist threat that has washed up on our shores. For that he talks about statistical probability, drowning in your bathtub and lightning strikes; if he even gives it mention at all. Oh, let us not forget the existential threat from global warming.

No Soup for YOU!

However, where have we seen this before, and recently as well? I will remind you because I understand the short memory of the average American.

It was BREXIT.

Obama scolded the Brits, our oldest ally, for even thinking of leaving the European Union (EU). He wagged his finger and said that when it came to trade deals, Britain would be at the end of the line. The pollsters never gave the concept a chance and the financial talking heads forewarned of Britain’s immediate economic turmoil.

The BREXIT referendum passed to everyone’s surprise except for the Brits who cared deeply about their country’s identity, their future and the future of their children.

It meant Obama has no political juice (respect) on the world stage. Outside of the socialist run media, he is seen as an empty suit, especially by our enemies. Very unfortunate for us and the free world.

It meant that the pollsters do not know what they are talking about. Like every economic model they are extremely accurate at predicting the status quo, and miss every Black Swan, every market turn around. The cannot predict the unpredictable. This is a lesson to remember and one of the reasons why the polls you see in our presidential race should all be rolled on to short cardboard tubes and put to better use.

It meant that the financial talking heads were not betting with their heads but with their hearts. Great Britain never gave up their currency for a reason. They were one of two economic powerhouses in the EU. The EU needs them far more than GB needs the EU.  It was as if you packed up your house, loaded up the truck with everything except your brother-in-law who has been sleeping on your couch for the past 20 years, eating your food and not paying his way.  As you drive off leaving him behind he stands in the street wearing nothing but his unshaven face and his robe shouting, “you’re making a terrible mistake, you’ll see.”

Was that Scrambled or Over Easy?

Mostly it was egg on the face of Obama and the liberal media. How could the world deny him? Was there any hope for humanity left?

As they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

When is a Swan a Bear?

A friend sent me a message yesterday. One that I did not think I would ever get. You see, my friend told me that she registered to vote. It left me speechless which does not happen all too often as you might imagine.

I sent her a emoji heart and an emoji thumbs up and wrote, “I’ve finally worn you down.”

I’ve been trying to get her involved and interested for 15 years. I would hear, “nope, I don’t want to get called for jury duty.”

“So you’re ducking one civic duty in order to hide from another?” would be my reply.

Some years ago she got called for jury duty. I laughed, “so now you have no reason not to register to vote.”


When it comes to politics, my friend and I are polar opposites. I’m the political junkie; I am not sure she knows who her senators are, or who her governor is. She is part of a huge section of America completely disaffected and disgusted by what they see that they cannot fathom being part of it. They cannot fathom that their single vote can move a single local issue, let alone a nation. They feel that they are not part of the system and have no control over what goes on around them. But, you can poke the bear just so many times until the bear becomes… the bear.

She is the Black Swan. She is not the only one.

I will not try to explain their existence, but they exist all the same. They are not on the pollster’s radar. No one asks for his or her opinion. They are the outliers, and I imagine that their numbers are in the many 1,000’s.  I hope and expect that they will cause many news reporters to shed tears on November 8th, and as deplorable as they may be, cause the average citizen to clench their fist in quiet victory.



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