Minimum Wage, Dollars, and Sense

Minimum Wage, Dollars, and Sense

The minimum wage, always a hot topic. Today we explain why government shouldn’t be involved.

In 1508, Pope Julius II hired Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

“Now Mike, last month Mario and Luigi painted the outside of the chapel.

Because This Matters explains how stuff works

BTM is taking apart and explaining the issues.

To save some money, I purchased paint rollers and large 8-inch brushes at a sale they were having at Walmartio. I want you to use the same rollers and brushes when you do the ceiling. You will, of course, reduce your equipment fees accordingly. As well, I will be paying you the same exact wage as I paid Mario and Luigi. All painters get the same.”

Michelangelo was speechless. Not only did Michelangelo not speak English, nor go by the name of Mike, but he was extremely insulted to have been placed in the same category as ordinary house painters. Not that there is anything wrong with painting houses for a living, that is just not what Michelangelo did. Nor did he see any way to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel using the equipment Pope Julius was going to force him to use.

Pope Julius was very wise and very powerful, but Michelangelo did not have any confidence in this painting system of broad strokes and did not like having all painting jobs treated equally.

Five hundred years later the broad strokes of government trying to force equality still do not work, nor will it ever. (more…)

The Other Shoe Keeps Dropping

PSL QVC Call Center to Close

Port St Lucie seems to be the nexus of companies gone and companies going. Yesterday QVC landed yet another punch to the solar plexus of St Lucie announcing it will close its call center in St Lucie West, and about 800 people will lose their jobs.

QVC closing

QVC closing its doors in Port St Lucie

This time it has nothing to do with a failing company but the creative destruction of the free markets and innovation. QVC is a brand known to most if not all. For the few who don’t get out from under the rock too often QVC is a home shopping channel. QVC is a 24 hour commercial of clothes, jewelry, electronics, home goods and even food. It is the ultimate shopping experience while sitting on your couch in the comfort of your home. Pick up the phone and call in and your products are delivered to your door. Except that now fewer and fewer people are using the phone to talk anymore. (more…)

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