It’s Morning Again in America – Again

It’s Morning Again in America – Again

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

Last night, the Sun set around 6:20 PM EST and rose less than 3 hours later, shortly after 9:00 PM EST. It was Morning again in America. “It’s Morning again in America,” is a phrase that was first used in an ad by Ronald Reagan in 1984. Last night it was a feeling invoked by President Donald J. Trump.

In his first address to Congress, the President was nothing if not presidential. Something, they said he could not be. Once again, Trump has proven them wrong. (more…)

Choose Choice – School Choice up for Debate

Choose Choice – School Choice up for Debate

As we just celebrated School Choice Week, which included stalling on approving Betsy DeVos to run the Dept. of Education, I figured that I should chime in. Now to some of you, part of this will be something you have read before as it is something that I posted on Facebook many months ago. For those of you who did not see it, this will be brand spankin’ new.

Education is one of those hot-button topics. Everyone has an opinion about it. I have many. (more…)

Foreclosing On Obama’s Legacy

With the end nearing, Obama’s frustration shows.

Lis Pendens Served

The housing market topped out in late 2006 and then the bubble burst sending home values into freefall. In 2007 and 2008 when we were looking for a house to purchase it was not surprising that the vast majority of the homes we saw were foreclosures.

Many of the foreclosures we saw were left in ruins. No appliances, even the

Foreclosure for Obama's legacy

Foreclosure for Obama’s legacy

hot water heaters were taken. Not one piece of drywall was left intact and in some, bags of cement were flushed down the toilet. Some people who lost their homes were angry when they left. Not only did they turn out the lights they took the light fixtures and ripped out the wiring as well.

Barack Obama will be leaving office in just a few days there will be tears shed. Some out of sadness, many out of joy. Before he leaves, Obama will rip the plumbing out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  (more…)

Minimum Wage, Dollars, and Sense

Minimum Wage, Dollars, and Sense

The minimum wage, always a hot topic. Today we explain why government shouldn’t be involved.

In 1508, Pope Julius II hired Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

“Now Mike, last month Mario and Luigi painted the outside of the chapel.

Because This Matters explains how stuff works

BTM is taking apart and explaining the issues.

To save some money, I purchased paint rollers and large 8-inch brushes at a sale they were having at Walmartio. I want you to use the same rollers and brushes when you do the ceiling. You will, of course, reduce your equipment fees accordingly. As well, I will be paying you the same exact wage as I paid Mario and Luigi. All painters get the same.”

Michelangelo was speechless. Not only did Michelangelo not speak English, nor go by the name of Mike, but he was extremely insulted to have been placed in the same category as ordinary house painters. Not that there is anything wrong with painting houses for a living, that is just not what Michelangelo did. Nor did he see any way to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel using the equipment Pope Julius was going to force him to use.

Pope Julius was very wise and very powerful, but Michelangelo did not have any confidence in this painting system of broad strokes and did not like having all painting jobs treated equally.

Five hundred years later the broad strokes of government trying to force equality still do not work, nor will it ever. (more…)

The Aftermath – The Giants Win the Pennant

The Aftermath – The Giants Win the Pennant

Another shot heard ’round the world.

“Why aren’t I 50 points ahead you might ask.” -Hillary Clinton, Sept 23, 2016.

Hillary's Second Failed Campaign

Commemorative coin marking Hillary Clinton’s second failed presidential run.

I initially decided not to write about the election of Donald Trump. I did not want to gloat about the black swan we saw on the horizon, or how we knew the polls were wrong. However, we here at BecauseThisMatters got it right. Back in September when Hillary Clinton was ordering curtains for the family quarters at the White House, we told you what would happen. We had told you before Michael Moore gave his “biggest FU in recorded history” speech. It was Bobby Thompson’s home run, the Miracle on Ice, Rocky Balboa, and the colonists against the British Regulars, all rolled into one. It made you feel like Red Barber screaming, “The Giants win the pennant. The Giants win the pennant. The Giants win the pennant.” (more…)

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