An Election Like No Other

Have Hillary’s Chickens Comey Home to Roost?

  • To say this is an election season like no other is an understatement. The most recent events revolving around Clinton’s emails is like a never-ending saga. Like all great conspiracies, we need a pasty, a person to take the fall. The patsy in this chapter is none other than Huma Abedin. Hillary Clinton’s right hand, her second daughter (another one with zero resemblance to Bill Clinton) and possibly the person to be named as Chief of Staff in a Hillary White House.

All that might have come to a screeching halt. (more…)

St. Lucie News-Tribune Distorts Election Facts

A Small Sampling of the Truth

Joe Negron's quote distorted by local paper.

Joe Negron’s quote distorted by local paper.

Eve Samples is the Opinion Editor for Treasure Coast Newspapers. In Sunday’s edition of the St Lucie News-Tribune her opinion piece was titled, ‘NEGRON DOESN’T BACK RUBIO’. Referring to the upcoming Florida Presidential Primary election.

While that is technically correct it is not the whole truth. Eve Samples knows this. She also knows that when the low information voter peruses the paper all they read are the headlines, if anything.

Maybe we would be better off if everyone had to start the work day with an oath. “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

The fact is that Joe Negron, who is slated to be the next state Senate president isn’t directly endorsing anyone. Negron said, “I will enthusiastically support the eventual Republican nominee.”

You don’t get to that fact until paragraph four. So while Negron isn’t supporting Rubio. He isn’t endorsing Trump, or Cruz, or Carson, or Kasich either for that matter. Negron WILL be supporting whoever wins the nomination.

This is not the first time that our local paper has twisted, distorted, or skimped on the facts when it comes to elections and specifically Republicans. I expect it will not be the last.

Amusingly Samples’ piece goes on to question the accuracy and legitimacy of the countless political polls that bombard us on a daily, if not hourly basis. Asking if polls were bad for democracy Samples got quotes from a local professor and pulled from an article that appeared in The New Yorker.

A better question would be; Are half-truths spouted from the Opinion Editor of the only major local paper bad for democracy? I guess the only saving grace is that Samples’ piece appears in the Opinion section of the paper. When Anthony Westbury gives his opinion it is printed as news on page one.


Look Who Got BERNed

Look Who Got BERNed

Grand Theft New Hampshire

Feeling the Bern? Bernie Sanders gets burned in NH

Feeling the Bern? Bernie Sanders gets burned in NH

-Imagine if you will a land where one old curmudgeon wins a full 60 percent of the popular vote only to find out he’s lost the election. A land where Common Core math must reign supreme. A land where the average person celebrates a hard earned victory unaware that they have actually lost. A land ruled by a government no longer of the people but of the party elite. In the shadows between good intentions and evil deeds, you’ve just crossed over into the Democrat Party.


The Oval Office Monarchy

The Oval Office Monarchy

This Week’s Lie from the President

-I was personally offended by the President the other day. He thinks I’m an idiot. He thinks most Americans are idiots. He is of the attitude that when he says something it automatically becomes true and automatically becomes the law of the land. Unfortunately for the President the patience of most Americans is wearing quite thin.

Years after declaring, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and telling Americans how his signature law will bend the cost of health insurance down the President is spouting yet another set of lies. (more…)

What is a Law ?

Friday is the day in Washington, DC when things come out that people don’t want to answer questions about. They hope that by Monday all will be forgotten and the American public will be on to something new. It’s like the suburban game of ‘Ring and Run’, when adolescents ring a doorbell and run away before anyone comes to answer. Sometimes there is a bag of dog poop lit on fire left by the door in hopes that whoever answers will try to stamp it out.

Yesterday was Friday and yesterday’s flaming bag of poop contained (more…)

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