It’s Morning Again in America – Again

It’s Morning Again in America – Again

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

Last night, the Sun set around 6:20 PM EST and rose less than 3 hours later, shortly after 9:00 PM EST. It was Morning again in America. “It’s Morning again in America,” is a phrase that was first used in an ad by Ronald Reagan in 1984. Last night it was a feeling invoked by President Donald J. Trump.

In his first address to Congress, the President was nothing if not presidential. Something, they said he could not be. Once again, Trump has proven them wrong. (more…)

Another Dewey Moment

It is Not an Election, It is a Movement

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

In 1944 Thomas Dewey was running for President against Harry Truman. It was such a close race that one paper jumped the gun and announced Dewey as the winner.  Which gave way to the now famous picture of victorious Truman holding that newspaper.

Dewey Defeats Truman Newspaper

President Harry Truman holds up a copy of the Chicago Daily Tribune declaring his defeat to Thomas Dewey in the presidential election, St Louis, Missouri, November 1948. (Photo by Underwood Archives/Getty Images)

Seventy years later the media is no longer content to just report the news but has found that it is more profitable to actually shape the news. Or even go as far as invent the news if there is nothing that fits the narrative that they’ve chosen to sell.

Why wait for the last minute deadline, when you can write history before it ever happens.  If it were just one single newspaper it would be one thing, but what if it is every media outlet?  What then? Who do you trust when there is no one left to trust? Trust in yourself. (more…)

A Primary Not To Be Missed

A Primary Not To Be Missed

Universal Primaries are open to all Parties.

A view from the cheap seats.

Important St Lucie County races.

This month is Primary month in Florida.  With the Primary on August 30th and absentee ballots already out and being returned and early voting starting on the 20th we feel the need to make you aware of certain races that some might not know they have a voice in.

Your Vote Counts Sticker

Republicans and NPAs will play a vital role in Democratic Primary races that could shape St Luce County

Past elections have shown the primaries to be lightly attended, only about 25-30% of registered voters come out to vote a ballot.  This year I urge you to reconsider.  Plenty is going on this primary, and plenty will be decided in August instead of November.

There are a few open or universal primaries in St Lucie County.  Primary elections are usually closed to all but party members.  This year, we have primaries that are open to all because there are no contenders from outside the party. The winner of the primary could win the seat if they win with over 50% of the vote. (more…)

Bush League Tactics

Bush League Tactics

St Lucie Democratic Party Chair, Celeste Bush, Shuts Out Local Candidates

In last Sunday’s paper, columnist Anthony Westbury took the local Democratic Party to task for not allowing a Democrat to have his petitions signed at the St Lucie County Fair.

Democrats fail to play fair at the Fair.

Democrat’s tent is closed to all but a select few.

Sal Anicito is looking to mount a primary challenge to incumbent Chris Dzadovsky in one of three races for County Commissioner. Mr. Anicito’s participation in the election is not welcomed by Celeste Bush, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of St Lucie.  To paraphrase Ms. Bush, ‘Many who are running are unknown to me or the party insiders, and we only give time to those we think can win.’ You can translate that to “I get to decide who gets their petitions signed at the fair and who gets to talk to the public.” (more…)

St. Lucie News-Tribune Distorts Election Facts

A Small Sampling of the Truth

Joe Negron's quote distorted by local paper.

Joe Negron’s quote distorted by local paper.

Eve Samples is the Opinion Editor for Treasure Coast Newspapers. In Sunday’s edition of the St Lucie News-Tribune her opinion piece was titled, ‘NEGRON DOESN’T BACK RUBIO’. Referring to the upcoming Florida Presidential Primary election.

While that is technically correct it is not the whole truth. Eve Samples knows this. She also knows that when the low information voter peruses the paper all they read are the headlines, if anything.

Maybe we would be better off if everyone had to start the work day with an oath. “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

The fact is that Joe Negron, who is slated to be the next state Senate president isn’t directly endorsing anyone. Negron said, “I will enthusiastically support the eventual Republican nominee.”

You don’t get to that fact until paragraph four. So while Negron isn’t supporting Rubio. He isn’t endorsing Trump, or Cruz, or Carson, or Kasich either for that matter. Negron WILL be supporting whoever wins the nomination.

This is not the first time that our local paper has twisted, distorted, or skimped on the facts when it comes to elections and specifically Republicans. I expect it will not be the last.

Amusingly Samples’ piece goes on to question the accuracy and legitimacy of the countless political polls that bombard us on a daily, if not hourly basis. Asking if polls were bad for democracy Samples got quotes from a local professor and pulled from an article that appeared in The New Yorker.

A better question would be; Are half-truths spouted from the Opinion Editor of the only major local paper bad for democracy? I guess the only saving grace is that Samples’ piece appears in the Opinion section of the paper. When Anthony Westbury gives his opinion it is printed as news on page one.


Grassroots to be Trampled

Grassroots to be Trampled Underfoot by the GOP Marathon


At the start of the NYC Marathon the Verrazano Narrows Bridge is NYC Marathon - Verrazano Bridgefull of people. Over 50,000 long distance runners come over the bridge. For all but a few, there is no chance of winning. For 99.99% it is just competing and running that brings them out. No other sight is like it.

Except for the Republican presidential primary.

First let me say I like the primary process. Unlike Harry Reid who said he hates primaries I think they serve a vital necessity. Reid would prefer that the party elite decide who you will vote for. So much so the Democrat party has Joe Biden tied to a chair in a basement somewhere. It is rare when the Vice President does not run for the open seat. I prefer that We the People make that decision. I just wish some sanity would come to the process. I wish that the GOP would learn from the mistakes of the past. They have plenty to choose from. (more…)

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