New PSL Council – New Direction  – New Hope for the City

New PSL Council – New Direction – New Hope for the City

With each election, hope springs eternal.

Monday, November 21st, 2016 is the day the new Port St Lucie City Council members get sworn in. Congratulations to the three that won their elections.

Rule of threeport-st-lucie-logo-red-white-and-blue

The rule of three tells us that things that come in threes are more effective and satisfying.

Jolien Caraballo briefly served as a councilwoman during Ron Bowen’s suspension. She is the business manager for a local, high-end spa. Caraballo first ran for this position four years ago. Eventually, Ron Bowen won the seat. This time around, Caraballo handily beat Bowen in the August primary. As there were only two candidates, there was no need for a November election. I had the pleasure to meet her on the campaign trail four years ago. She is smart, not afraid to dig into the details and ask questions and thinks outside the box. (more…)

Tax Collector Race Matters

Tax Collector Race Matters

Tax Collector can Affect County Budget

Taxing Situation

Come the November 8th election who will become the 46th President of the United States is not the only thing that will be decided. Closer to home, other taxing issues are on the ballot.  One of them is the office of the Tax Collector.

[Today’s post will be a little long, but it requires some upfront education on how the Tax Collector operates. – apologies from the mgmt.]

The Tax Collector is not a sexy position. Throughout history and fiction,

Is a $7 million Tax Collectors office necessary when nearly all the transactions are done online?

Is a $7 million Tax Collectors office necessary when nearly all the transactions are done online?

the Tax Collector was a hated man. This might have started with the Roman Empire where the Tax Collector collected the taxes that the huge empire needed to function.  There were income taxes, sales taxes, taxes on crops, wine, and the production of olive oil. The Tax Collector would send Rome their due and keep whatever extra he could collect for himself. Backed by government force of Roman soldiers, the position of Tax Collector was a lucrative gig. (more…)

A Primary Not To Be Missed

A Primary Not To Be Missed

Universal Primaries are open to all Parties.

A view from the cheap seats.

Important St Lucie County races.

This month is Primary month in Florida.  With the Primary on August 30th and absentee ballots already out and being returned and early voting starting on the 20th we feel the need to make you aware of certain races that some might not know they have a voice in.

Your Vote Counts Sticker

Republicans and NPAs will play a vital role in Democratic Primary races that could shape St Luce County

Past elections have shown the primaries to be lightly attended, only about 25-30% of registered voters come out to vote a ballot.  This year I urge you to reconsider.  Plenty is going on this primary, and plenty will be decided in August instead of November.

There are a few open or universal primaries in St Lucie County.  Primary elections are usually closed to all but party members.  This year, we have primaries that are open to all because there are no contenders from outside the party. The winner of the primary could win the seat if they win with over 50% of the vote. (more…)

Tax, Lies, and Videotape

Tax, Lies, and Videotape

PSL Councilman caught with his lips moving.

prior to his August 30th primary election Ron Bowen talks about paying down Port St Lucie’s debt

Everyone knows the old joke, “How can you tell when a politician is lying to you?”  Answer: “His lips are moving.”  Well, the WPSL/League of Woman Voters candidate forum always seems to have a never-ending supply of moving lips. You just need to listen and know where to look, or you have to sign up for Because This Matters and wait for another impactful installment.  (more…)

Taking Back Our Schools

Taking Back Our Schools

Two School Board seats up for grabs on August 30th.

The time for action has come.

The opportunity to do something great for our schools and our children’s education is right in front of us. Let us not allow this one to slip through our fingers.

I drive through the traffic circle at California and Peacock about 6 or 8 times a week.  I have been watching the new Somerset Prep school that is under construction, and I smile, knowing that the readers of this blog played a part in making that happen.  (more…)

Bush League Tactics

Bush League Tactics

St Lucie Democratic Party Chair, Celeste Bush, Shuts Out Local Candidates

In last Sunday’s paper, columnist Anthony Westbury took the local Democratic Party to task for not allowing a Democrat to have his petitions signed at the St Lucie County Fair.

Democrats fail to play fair at the Fair.

Democrat’s tent is closed to all but a select few.

Sal Anicito is looking to mount a primary challenge to incumbent Chris Dzadovsky in one of three races for County Commissioner. Mr. Anicito’s participation in the election is not welcomed by Celeste Bush, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of St Lucie.  To paraphrase Ms. Bush, ‘Many who are running are unknown to me or the party insiders, and we only give time to those we think can win.’ You can translate that to “I get to decide who gets their petitions signed at the fair and who gets to talk to the public.” (more…)

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