St. Lucie News-Tribune Distorts Election Facts

A Small Sampling of the Truth

Joe Negron's quote distorted by local paper.

Joe Negron’s quote distorted by local paper.

Eve Samples is the Opinion Editor for Treasure Coast Newspapers. In Sunday’s edition of the St Lucie News-Tribune her opinion piece was titled, ‘NEGRON DOESN’T BACK RUBIO’. Referring to the upcoming Florida Presidential Primary election.

While that is technically correct it is not the whole truth. Eve Samples knows this. She also knows that when the low information voter peruses the paper all they read are the headlines, if anything.

Maybe we would be better off if everyone had to start the work day with an oath. “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

The fact is that Joe Negron, who is slated to be the next state Senate president isn’t directly endorsing anyone. Negron said, “I will enthusiastically support the eventual Republican nominee.”

You don’t get to that fact until paragraph four. So while Negron isn’t supporting Rubio. He isn’t endorsing Trump, or Cruz, or Carson, or Kasich either for that matter. Negron WILL be supporting whoever wins the nomination.

This is not the first time that our local paper has twisted, distorted, or skimped on the facts when it comes to elections and specifically Republicans. I expect it will not be the last.

Amusingly Samples’ piece goes on to question the accuracy and legitimacy of the countless political polls that bombard us on a daily, if not hourly basis. Asking if polls were bad for democracy Samples got quotes from a local professor and pulled from an article that appeared in The New Yorker.

A better question would be; Are half-truths spouted from the Opinion Editor of the only major local paper bad for democracy? I guess the only saving grace is that Samples’ piece appears in the Opinion section of the paper. When Anthony Westbury gives his opinion it is printed as news on page one.


Charter a Course in School Finance

Redux plus dux equals $878,000,000

-No, this is not a replay of a post from a few weeks ago.
Charter School Math Benefits Public Schools

Public schools make money from Charter Schools

A few weeks ago we attempted to clear up some misunderstanding that exists around charter schools. As we are often ahead of the curve, last week many  newspapers in the state of Florida ran a piece about charter schools. Cherry picking two schools that have closed the writer was aghast at wasted taxpayer money, $150,000, that went into these schools.

While we don’t like seeing wasted tax dollars when the 800 pound kettle is calling the Suzie Homemaker pot black it is necessary to bring notice to it.

As soon as last Sunday’s paper hit the door step the following letter was fired off to the local paper. We wanted to give the paper first crack at publishing a response to their article. Unless we missed it, it wasn’t or has yet to be published. So we felt that it was our duty to bring it to you here.


Charter misCommunication




People constantly speak and write about the advantage charter schools have over the public school system. Statements that they don’t take tests or educate tough children, all while getting the same funding as public schools are common in the press. These myths have no foundation to stand on. (more…)

Dreams Denied – Action Needed

Culture of Complacency Continues at St Lucie School Board


In the midst of double digit tax increases and millions of dollars in failed and failing investment we look for bright spots in the community. One of those bright spots is St Lucie County’s only charter high school which happens also to be Port St Lucie’s only A rated high school.

St Lucie School Board says NO to Charter School. The Culture of Complacency continues.

St Lucie School Board says NO to Charter School. The Culture of Complacency continues.

Somerset College Preparatory Academy Charter High School (formerly College Preparatory Academy of the Treasure Coast) is a great school with great rankings and has shown great improvement since it opened its doors. The teachers are excited to work there, the students are excited about learning, and the parents are excited there is finally some school choice for high school. (more…)

The Mouse That Roared

The Mouse That Roared

Another victory.

A few months ago we told you how St Lucie County was earning interest at 18% on $13 million of uncollected taxes, most of which was due the City of Port St Lucie. How the county, without putting up a dime, was earning some hefty interest on nothing but an accounting entry. You can read about it here, Money For Nothing.

Last month we laid out the situation with City Center, the unpaid taxes and the undeveloped land. You can read about it here, Port St Lucie City Center Problem.

Tuesday’s front page article in the TCPalm told how the county would finally put the City Center property up for auction. Just a coincidence? We think not. (more…)

Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

Fanning the Flames of PSL’s Budget Problems


October 11, 1871 (reporter from the Chicago Sun) Mrs. O’Leary, any comments about the fire for the press?

Mrs. O’Leary – “I think leaving a lit lantern in my barn, next to my cow, was a great idea, and I’d do it all over again.”

I doubt this interview ever happened after the Chicago fire of 1871

Would Mrs. O'Leary think leaving a lit lantern in the barn was a sound decision.

Would Mrs. O’Leary think leaving a lit lantern in the barn was a sound decision.

but if it did it was replayed at the Port St. Lucie budget retreat by city manager Jeff Bremer. (more…)

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