I’m Offended You’re so Easily Offended

Major emotional trespasses every day Hardly a day can go by where we don’t hear of someone being “triggered,” of explosions of micro-aggressions, of pseudo umbrage at faux racism. Near riots of those demanding extra rights at the cost of others giving up some of theirs. There was an article in the Wall St Journal just the other day about the lack of sales in big-boy and big-girl pants. It seems that we’re not buying them anymore. If we don’t buy them, how can we put them on and pull them up? Please do so at your earliest convenience. You know who you are. The last two world ending events was when Netflix decided to hire Barack Obama to produce some things for Netflix.  Facebook

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Because This Matters.net is back

We’re Back!

We Are Back ! We are back.  Yes, you heard that correctly. We stopped writing in hopes that the Pink Pussy Hat Brigade would some how calm down, that somehow the melted and melting snowflakes (is it illegal to use that term yet?) would congeal into some sort of Starbucks

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Trump Speaks to Congress

It’s Morning Again in America – Again

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington Last night, the Sun set around 6:20 PM EST and rose less than 3 hours later, shortly after 9:00 PM EST. It was Morning again in America. “It’s Morning again in America,” is a phrase that was first used in an ad by Ronald Reagan

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Open Letter to the Left

  We all have friends and relatives that reside on the far left end of the political spectrum. Talking to them is hard, almost impossible. Facts, reason, and logic hold no sway. It is all about emotion. I feel for them. I see them in the streets calling for violence,

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Foreclosing On Obama’s Legacy

With the end nearing, Obama’s frustration shows. Lis Pendens Served The housing market topped out in late 2006 and then the bubble burst sending home values into freefall. In 2007 and 2008 when we were looking for a house to purchase it was not surprising that the vast majority of

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The Electoral College.. There's a reason for it

Getting Schooled on the Electoral College

Confused by the Electoral College? Walgreens run out of safety pins? Read on, get ready to amaze your friends with new found knowledge.  Every four years Americans go to the polls to elect the President of the United States. Well, not exactly. Every four years Americans go to the polls

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