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Dreams Denied – Action Needed

Culture of Complacency Continues at St Lucie School Board

  In the midst of double digit tax increases and millions of dollars in failed and failing investment we look for bright spots in the community. One of those bright spots is St Lucie County’s only charter high school which happens also to be Port St Lucie’s only A rated high school.

St Lucie School Board says NO to Charter School. The Culture of Complacency continues.
St Lucie School Board says NO to Charter School. The Culture of Complacency continues.
Somerset College Preparatory Academy Charter High School (formerly College Preparatory Academy of the Treasure Coast) is a great school with great rankings and has shown great improvement since it opened its doors. The teachers are excited to work there, the students are excited about learning, and the parents are excited there is finally some school choice for high school. (more…)

You’ve Got To Fight For Your Right – To Party

Open primary elections an opening to chaos.

  The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are one of sports great rivalries. In over 100 years we’ve witnessed just about everything one could witness between two teams. One thing we’ve never seen is the manager of the Red Sox call the manager of the Yankees to tell him which Yankee to pitch in tomorrow’s game.  The opposing team doesn’t get to decide who you will put on your lineup card. Neither does the press.

Party Primary Elections are for Party Members
Party primary elections are for party members. Why are open primaries such a bad idea? Because your neighbors have no right to tell you to plant peppers when you want to plant tomatoes.
Every four years about this time there’s talk of open primaries in Florida. Proponents will say that that other states do it; that it’s the fair thing to do; that it will create better outcomes to our election process. We disagree. Every primary election day a good number of people show up at the polls and find out that they’ve been closed out of the process. They leave bewildered, and sometimes angry. They want to vote but cannot, and they find this unfair. Is it? (more…)