Day: December 17, 2015

  • Taj maGertrude

    The Supervisor of Elections in St Lucie County is a woman named Gertrude Walker. Gertrude is arguably the most popular woman in the county. Even more popular than Barack Obama.  How do we know? In the last election Gertrude Walker, a registered Democrat, received 10,000 more votes than Barack Obama, a registered Democrat. Gertrude Walker […]

  • It’s Just Data… Yeah, but it’s mine.

    Senator Rand Paul  (TN–R) spoke for over 11 hours on the Senate floor the other day against massive unwarranted data collection by the NSA. A part of the Patriot Act which Congress was attempting to reauthorize prior to its sunset provision. The sunset provision is the only thing I like about the Patriot Act. Government […]

  • Letting the Air Out of the Clinton Campaign

    Recently the NFL suspended New England Quarterback Tom Brady for 4 games without pay and fined the team a few $million and some draft picks. If you don’t follow football, the suspension and draft picks are a big deal. Four games represents a quarter of the season and losing your star quarterback can mean the […]

  • Competition – Best Cure for Public Education

    Here is the first of what I think will be many in a collection of posts and articles about education.  Education, because it deals with our children, grandchildren, and the future of our country, has  been and will continue to be a hot button topic, and one we need to follow.  –  Mike L. March […]

  • Grassroots to be Trampled

    Grassroots to be Trampled Underfoot by the GOP Marathon   At the start of the NYC Marathon the Verrazano Narrows Bridge is full of people. Over 50,000 long distance runners come over the bridge. For all but a few, there is no chance of winning. For 99.99% it is just competing and running that brings […]

  • AAF To Take Floridians for a Ride

    AAF Ridership Study is Out All Aboard Florida (AAF) produced their ridership and fare projection report and Nicole Rodriquez of our own TCPalm did a fine job of reporting on it. Here is a link to her article. (Rodriquez just happens to be one of the few bright spots at TCPalm, IMHO) The report was […]