Bush League Tactics

St Lucie Democratic Party Chair, Celeste Bush, Shuts Out Local Candidates

In last Sunday’s paper, columnist Anthony Westbury took the local Democratic Party to task for not allowing a Democrat to have his petitions signed at the St Lucie County Fair.

Democrats fail to play fair at the Fair.
Democrat’s tent is closed to all but a select few.
Sal Anicito is looking to mount a primary challenge to incumbent Chris Dzadovsky in one of three races for County Commissioner. Mr. Anicito’s participation in the election is not welcomed by Celeste Bush, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of St Lucie.  To paraphrase Ms. Bush, ‘Many who are running are unknown to me or the party insiders, and we only give time to those we think can win.’ You can translate that to “I get to decide who gets their petitions signed at the fair and who gets to talk to the public.” (more…)