A Primary Not To Be Missed

Universal Primaries are open to all Parties.

A view from the cheap seats.

Important St Lucie County races.

This month is Primary month in Florida.  With the Primary on August 30th and absentee ballots already out and being returned and early voting starting on the 20th we feel the need to make you aware of certain races that some might not know they have a voice in.

Your Vote Counts Sticker
Republicans and NPAs will play a vital role in Democratic Primary races that could shape St Luce County
Past elections have shown the primaries to be lightly attended, only about 25-30% of registered voters come out to vote a ballot.  This year I urge you to reconsider.  Plenty is going on this primary, and plenty will be decided in August instead of November. There are a few open or universal primaries in St Lucie County.  Primary elections are usually closed to all but party members.  This year, we have primaries that are open to all because there are no contenders from outside the party. The winner of the primary could win the seat if they win with over 50% of the vote. (more…)