Meltdown Commencing

Break Up or Break Down

Most of us have seen this played out on TV or in the movies, or maybe in real life. When you are sitting across the table from your significant other, and they say, “it’s not you, it’s me.” It is a nice way of saying this isn’t working out I’ll be moving on now. If you could pick up the check, I would appreciate it.

Well, Hillary had one of those moments the other day when she spoke (screamed, yelled, shrieked) to a union group. Except Hillary did not take the blame. Quite the contrary. The video boils down to this; “Why am I not up 50 points? IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.” When I watched it, my initial thought was this is a great spoof, perfect voice over, amazing computer graphics. Then I found out it was real, my jaw dropped. The only things missing were three ball bearings and an empty can of strawberries. (If that went over your head I direct you to The Caine Mutiny, great book, great movie starring Bogey.) (more…)

The Black Swan

Don't Take it Personally A Black Swan is something thought not to exist, or having an impossible probability. Even after its appearance it is often incorrectly explained. President Obama in his last throes of political life tried to insult Americans into voting for Hillary Clinton. He shouted from his bully pulpit…

Hillary’s Broomstick One

Cleared for Takeoff, Should not have been Cleared of Numerous Crimes

Broomstick One is the nickname given to Clinton’s private jet by the Secret Service. I really do not know the nickname for the plane. For all I know it could be the Magical Mystery Tour. Anyone on it and believing the nonsense coming out of Camp Hillary must be on LSD or other hallucinogens.  [“The captain has turned off the Fasten Your Seatbelts sign and turned on the black lights. You may now trip around the cabin.”] (more…)

Hillary Clinton’s Sniper Concussion

The Sniper Concussion

A new political term.

A ‘sniper concussion’ is not a term you have ever heard before.  Why?  Because I have just made it up. It is a rare condition.  Not surprisingly it is afflicting a rare individual, Hillary Clinton. (more…)