Grand Theft New Hampshire

Feeling the Bern? Bernie Sanders gets burned in NH
Feeling the Bern? Bernie Sanders gets burned in NH
-Imagine if you will a land where one old curmudgeon wins a full 60 percent of the popular vote only to find out he’s lost the election. A land where Common Core math must reign supreme. A land where the average person celebrates a hard earned victory unaware that they have actually lost. A land ruled by a government no longer of the people but of the party elite. In the shadows between good intentions and evil deeds, you’ve just crossed over into the Democrat Party. Unless you were on the dark side of the moon these past days you know of the shellacking that Hillary Clinton took in the Granite State of New Hampshire.

Proclaimed and proud socialist, Bernie Sanders, soundly defeated Hillary Clinton by a margin I have not seen since Secretariat stunned the nation at The Belmont. Vladimir Putin doesn’t win by such margins and he runs unopposed.

The week Santa Claus came to town.

Congratulations to Bernie Sanders and his team. They worked hard in promising tons of free stuff to absolutely everyone in sight. Many of those who listened are too young to understand you can only get free stuff when you enslave people and steal their labor, but that’s an entry for another day. Unfortunately, Senator Sanders and team, you didn’t win. You didn’t win Tuesday night in New Hampshire. No, in fact you lost. The crying shame was that the people at your victory party didn’t even know it. You probably knew it. If you did, you could have made huge headlines and started a real revolution. I’m thinking you knew, and that your candidacy is pretty much a sham you have no intention of taking to the end game. Feel free to prove me wrong.

Hillary’s loss is Hillary’s win

Here is what few people, and now you, know. Hillary Clinton will leave New Hampshire with more delegates than Bernie Sanders. This is made possible by super delegates. Delegates chosen by the Democrat Party whose only allegiance is to the Democrat Party and not to the State where they came from and the people who voted in the primary. It is the party’s way to control who wins the nomination regardless of what We The People want, regardless of what we do in the ballot box. Ninety percent of those super delegates have already pledged to Clinton (the others have not yet committed). With her dismal showing getting a meager portion of the regular delegates and the super delegates Clinton skates out of New Hampshire with a victory. The rank and file of the Democrat Party will do nothing about this. They are very good at what they do. They follow marching orders. The current marching orders are ‘shut up and eat the crap sandwich you’re served. You will vote for the most untrustworthy person this side of cell block A to hold the most important position in this country if not the world.’ Once again, feel free to prove me wrong. I’m not carving out a safe space for the Republican Party either. They have their super delegates and play their own games. They don’t like Donald Trump. They prefer weak candidates like Bob Dole and John McCain. Or candidates like Mitt Romney, who had what it takes to win, but not brave enough to do what it takes to win. Meanwhile the country is $18 Trillion in debt. Terrorists walk across our borders and set up shop. We close coal mines because they provide abundant and cheap energy. We place undue burdens on job creators and celebrate as more and more people leave the job market because through the tricks of government accounting that lowers the unemployment rate. Is it any wonder millions of citizens don’t bother voting? If this isn’t time to take back our country, when is?

Michael Loeb

Conservative White American Male - Most recent addition to the endangered species list. -Make a conservative angry by lying to them, make a liberal angry by telling them the truth.