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The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Hillary.

I remember watching Dragnet when I was a kid. There was always Joe Friday that gave us that famous line.  The story you are about to see is true; only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. How far we have come from those seemingly simple times. Today, Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States, the country’s chief law enforcement officer will release phone transcripts of calls between the police and the terrorist of the Orlando attack. The transcript will have redactions.  Redactions are where the government hides anything it does not want the public to see.  Usually, information that is sensitive to a case, names of agents, names of CIA operators, basically information of a sensitive and secretive nature.

The Dept of Justice doing back flips to hide the truth.
The Dept of Justice doing back flips to hide the truth.
Not this time. No, the redactions today, the bits of conversation from the Orlando terrorist that the government does not want you to see, are any and all references to Islam, Muslims, ISIS, or terrorism in general. What? Yes, you read correctly. Lynch says she does not want to give any additional publicity to the shooters ‘agenda.’  I am calling BS on that. Lynch, who serves at the pleasure of the President, is doing nothing more than running cover for Barack Obama and his agenda. Obama’s agenda right now is his legacy and Hillary Clinton’s election. Let us not forget that Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize just days after entering office.  He mainly won that prize because his last name was not Bush. Now in the final stretch of his presidency things are unraveling.  The JV team he laughed off has become a thorn in his side.  His refusal to act until too late is becoming the hallmark of his time in office. His comments the other day about how ISIS is withdrawing; their numbers falling; leaders killed; was summarily contradicted within hours by the head of the CIA who told an entirely different story to Congress. Let us not forget how this administration pushed a story about how an inconsequential YouTube video spawned a riot that got out of hand and wound up with the killing of a US Ambassador and three US Servicemen in Benghazi. The reason then was because it was 57 days before the election and Obama were campaigning that the world was a safer place now, al Queda was on the run, and he killed Bin Laden. Today Lynch once again falls on her sword of credibility and takes one for the team. We can have no talk about terrorism on US soil, no reference to ISIS influenced attacks on the mainland so close to Hillary Clinton’s chance of becoming president. No, Sir.  This attack had nothing to do with ISIS, radical jihad, terrorism.  This has to do with 2nd Amendment, gun show loopholes, the NRA, and Donald Trump. All this comes wrapped in the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge, and you can buy it real cheap. Unfortunately, I don’t buy it at all.  I doubt any rational person would.

Michael Loeb

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