Break Up or Break Down

Most of us have seen this played out on TV or in the movies, or maybe in real life. When you are sitting across the table from your significant other, and they say, “it’s not you, it’s me.” It is a nice way of saying this isn’t working out I’ll be moving on now. If you could pick up the check, I would appreciate it.

Well, Hillary had one of those moments the other day when she spoke (screamed, yelled, shrieked) to a union group. Except Hillary did not take the blame. Quite the contrary. The video boils down to this; “Why am I not up 50 points? IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.” When I watched it, my initial thought was this is a great spoof, perfect voice over, amazing computer graphics. Then I found out it was real, my jaw dropped. The only things missing were three ball bearings and an empty can of strawberries. (If that went over your head I direct you to The Caine Mutiny, great book, great movie starring Bogey.)

Mayday Mayday

Hillary is losing it. She is spinning out of control like a fully loaded Huey. As it hits the ground, you run and dive for cover praying that God has other plans for you and spares you from unhinged whipping helicopter blades and fireballs of igniting gasoline.

Houston We Have a Problem

Hillary is out there all alone like an astronaut whose tether to the space capsule has been cut. You can see her, but there’s nothing you can do to help. She is on her own, panicking, available oxygen is down to dangerous levels. The more she fights to get back to the ship the further away she is pulled. However, she should not be floating alone. Hillary does nothing for herself. She’s a brand; she has handlers. She has people who pick her pantsuits, people that style her hair, do her makeup. She has people who maintain her medicine schedule. I am not sure that Hillary is capable of working the perforations on toilet paper on her own. Surely, Hillary Clinton has a someone or a team who write the words that fall out of her mouth! Someone wrote the basket of deplorables. The phrase was tried and tested. Someone signed off on it. Now this.

Until Someone Pokes an Eye Out

Your mom said it; you might have said it to your kids, “It’s all fun and games until someone pokes their eye out.” For Hillary what was meant to be fun and games felt like a sharp stick in the eye. Appearing in the supposedly hip and cool Between Two Ferns with Zak Galifianakis proved only one thing. Comedy is hard. I have to question putting that out for everyone to see. It did not help her with the targeted group of millennials. Clinton was stiff, unfunny, and was probably questioning what the hell she was doing there. I guess someone lost a job over this one. The only redeeming bit was Galifianakis showing up in a Grim Reaper costume only to be tackled by the Secret Service.  This will be the last entry on this blog for Galifianakis until he changes his surname to something I can spell.


While the mainstream media is cramming down our throats the idea that it the first debate will center around which Trump shows up, I think the subject of that question should be Clinton. We are told Clinton is taking time off the campaign trail to study and prepare for the debate. More likely, Team Clinton can no longer face the lack of enthusiasm and lack of bodies that are showing up for Clinton events. Which Hillary will show up? Will Hillary show up? Can she do a 90-minute debate standing on a stage all alone without the help of her handlers? If Hillary falters; if she trips; if she sways; if she gets stuck; it could very well spell the end for her. The DNC had to fix the primary election because Hillary could not beat a 75-year-old socialist on her own. The basic DNC voter fraud can go just so far. The skewed polls can go just so far. The in the tank mainstream media can go just so far. Eventually, Hillary will have to come out of the bunker and be a candidate. That scares them.

Michael Loeb

Conservative White American Male - Most recent addition to the endangered species list. -Make a conservative angry by lying to them, make a liberal angry by telling them the truth.