It is Not an Election, It is a Movement

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington

In 1944 Thomas Dewey was running for President against Harry Truman. It was such a close race that one paper jumped the gun and announced Dewey as the winner.  Which gave way to the now famous picture of victorious Truman holding that newspaper.

Seventy years later the media is no longer content to just report the news but has found that it is more profitable to actually shape the news. Or even go as far as invent the news if there is nothing that fits the narrative that they’ve chosen to sell. Why wait for the last minute deadline, when you can write history before it ever happens.  If it were just one single newspaper it would be one thing, but what if it is every media outlet?  What then? Who do you trust when there is no one left to trust? Trust in yourself.

The media is gushing about how new voter registration for the Democrats has surpassed that for the Republicans. They point to this as a sure sign of a Clinton victory. What they are missing, willfully or ignorantly, is that the new voter registrations for the Republicans happened prior to the primaries.  The Republican Party had a primary season, the Democratic Party had a road show. You knew the outcome before it started. Donald Trump received more primary votes than any candidate before.

The Thrill (up my leg) is Gone.

In 2008 the media was again in awe of the crowds that Obama generated. The excitement, the fainting, surely this would sweep him into office. In 2016 the same media questions if the excitement and crowds of Deplorables at Trump campaign stops actually translates into votes. I’ve spoken to a veteran who had to park 3 miles away, walk with a cane to the venue, stand in line for hours, just to hear Trump speak. I doubt he’s going to forget to vote, or decide it isn’t important to vote. Anecdotal evidence? Yes, but one story out of millions.

When questioned if the polls could be wrong since they got it horribly wrong with the BREXIT vote, one Democratic strategist said, “I have a friend over in England who told me that there is no comparison between what happened there and what is happening here.” Really? Is that what makes it to cable news? How is her anecdotal evidence any more credible than mine?

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” -Yamamoto.

If you haven’t seen the Michael Moore video, go watch it. I never thought that I would be touting a Michael Moore clip. We are living in strange times, my friend. (language is a bit rough, but if you’re reading this blog I know you can handle it) Somewhere there is a conference room holding Obama, Lynch, Comey, Clinton and the ghost of Admiral Yamamoto. They are all saying, I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” What say you?

Michael Loeb

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