Using Flint to Spark an Idea

How much lead is a bad thing? According to the EPA, five parts per billion is “cause for concern.” Meaning that in a billion molecules of water, if 5 of them are lead you have a problem. In Flint, Michigan that number rose to a frightening 27 parts per billion. Flint’s water was deemed undrinkable. So, what does this have to do with immigration? Trust me, as always, I’ll get there.

This is not a science white paper on the water problems in Flint. Problems which were caused by the city trying to save money after bankrupt Detroit jacked up their water prices in a hunt for revenue. Flint used to get their water from Detroit where there are an acceptable 2.3 parts per billion of lead in the water and deemed drinkable. Flint’s water operators did not put a non-corrosive additive into the water supply that would have created a buffering effect on the lead pipes protecting it from the corrosive properties of water. There are reams and reams of documents pointing fingers at who did what and when. The bottom line, Flint’s water is not safe for human consumption. So says the EPA.

A Glass Full of ISIS

Concentration of ISIS among the general population is unacceptable

Syria has a population of 22. 85 million at last count or estimation. I am not sure what kind of census apparatus they have, but those are the figures I can pull up. Intelligence assessments have pinned ISIS numbers anywhere from 20,000 to 31,000 fighters at the highest point of activity to only about 15,000 now. ISIS fighters are determined to bring blood and death to the streets of America. I imagine ISIS would fall under the “cause for concern” column at least, and a threat to public health and safety. If we were to represent ISIS as parts per billion the figure would be 656,455 parts per billion. By comparison, if Syria was drinking water the water from Flint would be bottled and sold as sparkling clean spring water.

After years of neglect this administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. – President Bill Clinton

For those reaching for their keyboards to fire off blind rants of outrage towards me for comparing ISIS to lead may I remind you that Obama compared ISIS to a JV basketball team. We do comparisons all the time to get our point across to other people. As a matter of fact saying that Obama’s JV team wants to bring death to America is like Nancy Pelosi having a Botox appointment on her calendar – just another day.  Oh, look, another comparison! 

The EPA, for years has put into place rules and regulations that no one is allowed to question. Put them in charge of immigration and the emissions of illegal immigrants (anchor babies).  We can have this problem resolved in a matter of months.

Don’t They Teach History Anymore?

President Jimmy Carter booted Iranians from the country after Americans were taken hostage in 1979. President Bill Clinton, in his 1996 State of the Union Address, said the following,
“After years of neglect this administration has taken a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. We are increasing our border controls by 50%, we are increasing inspections to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants, and tonight I announce that I will sign an executive order to deny federal contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants.”  – Yes, he used the term illegal immigrants. Holy political correctness, Batman. Speed ahead and talk of booting illegal immigrants who are violent criminals and repeat offenders and talk of strong national borders and safety drive the liberal left into such a frenzy that they destroy a Starbucks. Starbucks, one of the most liberal of all public companies. Would you like whipped cream on top of your hypocrisy grande?

Deportations of Felons Begin

Don the vagina hats. It has begun. Illegal immigrants with felonies against them are being deported. Not mom and pop who go about their business. Not Jose and Maria in your kid’s 4th-grade class. No, we are deporting felons. However, here is what you will hear from the Left. – Deporting undocumented immigrants is tearing families apart; and, no human being is illegal. 

I agree, no human is illegal. Their ACTs are illegal. Murder is an illegal ACT. Felonies are illegal ACTs. Rape is an illegal ACT. Overstaying your visa is an illegal ACT. Coming into a sovereign nation outside of their stated immigration and visitation laws is an illegal ACT. Not just in America, in every nation on earth. Why is America the only nation on earth that is expected to have completely open borders? 

Simple, no one is jumping into rafts made of empty soda bottles to escape to Cuba. When you sneak into North Korea there is no one waiting there to provide you with free phones, free medical care, free housing, free food, and instructions on how to stay indefinitely on the public dole, printed in the language of your home country, a list of free attorneys to protect your new found rights, and a voter registration card with the DEM check box already marked. 

If I rob a bank (an illegal act) and get caught, I should be sent to jail. Except, if I have a family. Because according to those on the Left, you would be ripping apart my family. The fact that my voluntary actions played the deciding factor in my guilt should have absolutely nothing to do with it. 

Also, just as important, I should not be required to return the money I stole, after all, my family has become accustomed to the benefits the money buys. How can I be so mean and callous by comparing bank robbing with illegal entry to this country? Undocumented workers do the jobs others will not do. Really? So does a bank robber. I would never rob a bank. I do not think any of my friends or family would ever rob a bank. Isn’t bank robbing a job that most Americans will not do? 

Undocumented workers add to our economy. Really? So does the bank robber. He takes money out of the bank that those evil one-percenters amass and then goes out and spends it. The bank robber stimulates the economy. The FDIC replaces the lost money so that none of the depositors are at a loss. I think the bank robber as a perfect example of foolproof economic stimulus. I believe we should have more bank robberies. 

Why stop with banks? Stores, of all kinds, have cash. The stores are or should be insured so that any loss would be covered. More robberies more stimulus, an excellent plan. Add to that, robbery of credit card and debit card numbers.  Why are we so concerned with identity theft? Twice the number of people, twice the economic benefit. Yes? We can have endless economic stimulus if we just overlook that small, ever so small problem, of it all being ILLEGAL !!!

Participation Trophies Seem to be of Little Consolation

We are a nation of laws. Not of men, not of women in vagina hats. Not of the whims of the times. I respect the laws and respect those who come to this country through the process of respecting those laws. 

Laws- we either enforce them, obey them, elect representatives that will change them; or devolve into the anarchy that we see on the streets; fomented by a select class of elites that hide behind their gated walls protected by their armed guards. 

Protesting is fine. The 1st Amendment protects it. Rioting is not, destruction of private property is not acceptable. Although, due to the words of former Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who during the Baltimore riots thought it a good idea to give protestors “room to destroy,” riots and the destruction of property are no “biggie” any longer. 

Ms. Rawlings-Blake is no longer Mayor of Baltimore. She decided not to run for re-election in 2016. I do not know, but I have a feeling there were those who helped her make that decision. Alas, shed no tears, she is a rising star in the Democratic National Committee serving as their Secretary. Their website boasts her dedication to public safety. I could point out the irony to you, but if I have to, you have no business being here. 

One of my favorite books and movies is the Hunt for Red October. The late senator and actor, Fred Thompson, said it best in his role of a US Navy Admiral, “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control, and we’ll be lucky to live through it.” 

There are those on the Left that can stop this anarchy before it goes too far.  You know their names, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi. You will hear nothing but encouragement from this crew of socialist progressive vermin that pray for the death of a few rioters to bring this all to a new level. These are their army of useful idiots. People who have no idea what they are rioting about. They have no facts but plenty of emotion.  They remind me of an outboard motor in the water at full speed with no hand on the tiller. Dangerous and out of control. 

Buckle your seatbelts. This does not look to subside anytime soon.  

Michael Loeb

Conservative White American Male - Most recent addition to the endangered species list. -Make a conservative angry by lying to them, make a liberal angry by telling them the truth.

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