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Charter School Math Benefits Public Schools
Public schools make money from Charter Schools

A few weeks ago we attempted to clear up some misunderstanding that exists around charter schools. As we are often ahead of the curve, last week many  newspapers in the state of Florida ran a piece about charter schools. Cherry picking two schools that have closed the writer was aghast at wasted taxpayer money, $150,000, that went into these schools.

While we don’t like seeing wasted tax dollars when the 800 pound kettle is calling the Suzie Homemaker pot black it is necessary to bring notice to it.

As soon as last Sunday’s paper hit the door step the following letter was fired off to the local paper. We wanted to give the paper first crack at publishing a response to their article. Unless we missed it, it wasn’t or has yet to be published. So we felt that it was our duty to bring it to you here.


Recent articles by many newspaper outlets and the Associated Press attack closed charter schools and indicate that tax dollars vanish. What they refuse to admit is the boom to school districts that charter schools represent. For the record, charter schools are public schools and their sponsor (boss) is the local public school system that issues them a charter to operate. For this the sponsor gets 5% of the charter schools funding for administrative purposes.

Pubic Schools take 35% of each Charter School student’s per capita.

Charter schools receive 65 cents of the school dollar. The other 35 cents stays with the school district (sponsor). The school district’s administration fee is taken out of the 65 cents. To make this clearer the public school system receives $10,000 for every student in their public school system. Charter schools receive $6,150 of this $10,000 and are responsible for providing the facility and educating the student that attends their charter school. The number of charter school students in Florida for the 2014-2015 school year was 251,000. That year alone, Florida school districts received over $878,000,000 ($3,500 x 251,000) from charter schools and their students, without doing a thing. What are they doing with all that extra money? Mark Gotz School Development Group  

Just imagine what would happen if all the charter schools closed as teacher’s unions and school boards desire. (They hate school choice and fight against it every chance they get.) All those students would be placed back into the regular public school system yet the school system only receive the 65% that was allocated to the charters. The other 35% or almost a $Billion is already being spent by the public schools. Not technically a deficit but the school system would feel as if it was. My guess would be that they would increase taxes based on all these new students. Yep, the same ones that we’re already paying for.

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