Have Hillary’s Chickens Comey Home to Roost?

  • To say this is an election season like no other is an understatement. The most recent events revolving around Clinton’s emails is like a never-ending saga. Like all great conspiracies, we need a pasty, a person to take the fall. The patsy in this chapter is none other than Huma Abedin. Hillary Clinton’s right hand, her second daughter (another one with zero resemblance to Bill Clinton) and possibly the person to be named as Chief of Staff in a Hillary White House.

All that might have come to a screeching halt. The FBI has discovered a reported 650,000 emails on a computer shared by Huma Abedin and her (separated) husband, Carlos Danger.  Oops, I mean Anthony Wiener, the disgraced NY congressman who is under investigation for sexting with a 15-year-old girl.  A discovery so important that the head of the FBI, James Comey, sent a letter against the advice and wishes of the Attorney General, to Congress to say he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. James “there’s nothing to see here” Comey did that 11 days before one of the most contentious elections in history. 

I do not know about you, but my head is still spinning. 

So, what’s Hillary’s connection to all this? Well, those emails came from Huma Abedin’s email account. I believe that only two people had email accounts on Hillary’s private server. Huma was the second person. It seems that Huma had set up a “rule” to forward all her emails to her Yahoo account. The reason she said was that it was easier to print them at home as opposed to printing them in her office at the State Dept. (where they frown upon you printing and taking classified documents out of the building) 

It is possible that some of those 650,000 emails are the ones that Hillary had deleted as part of the 33,000 emails that only dealt with bridesmaid’s dresses and yoga schedules. The emails that were so mundane that they required brute force annihilation through a program called BleachBit, the normal average every day DELETE button just wouldn’t do for those yoga regimens. Heaven forbid the American public ever saw those.

Did I send you the launch codes? I’m sorry, I meant to send a picture of my Mini Me.

Briefly, there is a laptop now in the hands of the FBI that probably contains highly classified emails sent to and from Huma Abedin, and likely to and from Hillary Clinton that was in the possession of a known sex offender. I will bet that Anthony Wiener does not have the proper security clearance to have and view those classified emails. By not turning over that laptop during the initial investigation and by not telling the FBI the laptop even existed Huma could be found lying to the FBI. Forwarding the emails to a Yahoo account should probably find Abedin facing an espionage charge and at least a record indicating that she is no longer able to hold a federal job.  

Again, we must talk about the cavalier attitude that everyone connected to Clinton has for national security. A Yahoo email account is what you set up WHEN you want to be hacked. They should replace @yahoo.com with @HackMePlease.com. It is unforgivable and shows a complete lack of judgment.  Then again, I am writing this about someone who married Anthony Wiener. I feel I will get a call from the redundancy police sometime soon.  

That’s the oil pan, there’s the axle, and those are the breaks.

It is not yet known if Huma will be tossed under the bus. We know she has not been on Broomstick One for the past few days. I am sure she is huddled up with her attorneys figuring out how best to play her hand. The problem is that sometimes people who take the fall for Hillary Clinton literally take a fall. Sometimes it is ten stories and ruled a suicide, sometimes it is a bullet or two to the back of the head and ruled a suicide. Interacting with the Clintons can be dangerous work, and depressing work as there seems to be so many suicides within their associates. 

This may be hearsay, but the emails were located or hidden in a folder labeled Life Insurance.  Now, that could be brilliant because life insurance is boring and no one would ever voluntarily snoop in such a folder. Or, it could be brilliant, as a fail safe against any foul play, should anything happen to Huma, a treasure trove of Hillary damning evidence would emerge, hence the term life insurance.

Who is Huma?

If you are interested in who has spent four years at the right arm of the Secretary of State view this video by Leaked Uploads. If your computer chair has a seatbelt, I suggest you engage it before watching.

 Video, script, animation & voice created by Leaked Uploads. Feedback/Contact: leakeduploads@gmail.com

Election Day is now known as Independents Day – Not to be confused with July 4th.

Okay, what is the effect of all this on the election? Well, if you were going to vote for Hillary you see this as one more cow patty on the manure wagon. You knew she was coming with baggage; you just did not understand how bad it was going to smell. You are not excited, but you will vote because that is what you do. If you are a Trumpster, you see this as the thing that finally brings her down; that forces her to step aside; that final bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West. Exchange that pantsuit for a prison jumpsuit. 

Don’t get your hopes up. Hillary will never go quietly, and if she goes, she is taking a lot of people with her. Of course, there will be crossover. I have met Democrats that will never vote for Hillary and Republicans who think that Trump is a loose cannon and cannot see past their emotional ties to great Republican losers of previous elections. We have become so polarized that elections have become a fight for the independent voter. 

As I have said before, this is where Hillary has a huge problem. These are voters who do not like either party, but mostly they do not like the garbage they see in Washington. Clinton tries to portray herself as the true outsider based on her gender. It wears thin to a crowd that sees her get away with crimes that have put others in jail, and they see her as one of the untouchables. 

Donald said some dirty words; Hillary avoided jail because of who she is and the influence she carries. For the true independent who wants to vote, that comparison makes a compelling argument for Trump. Me? Neither is perfect, but I am voting for Trump. I am from NY, and I know all the Trump stories. I was telling the story of the skating rink before anyone else. I worked at 40 Wall St. for a good number of years. The building was dilapidated, in extremely poor condition, the elevators were less reliable than a coin flip. Trump purchased it and turned it around. He is an excellent CEO, and he tells you what he thinks.  

People that focus on a few business failures do not understand the nature of being an entrepreneur. FYI you will find reference to both bankruptcy and treason in the Constitution. I trust Trump to appoint supreme court justices that will uphold the original intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Hillary is already on record saying that will not be her litmus test to the highest court in the land. I have been watching Hillary for over 20 years, and I have never seen a more self-centered and self-serving, crooked person in my life.  

I was in NY when she ran for the Senate. She tried to be the instant New Yorker instead of the carpet bagger she was; finding an open seat in a liberal state. She did not know a cannoli from a calzone; she ate pizza with a knife and fork; did not know that the Yankees played in the Bronx and the Mets in Queens; but knew how to buy an election.

What comes next?

I do not know.  I am not that trustworthy of things in Washington. There are theories by the dozen why Comey did what he did. He’s done at the FBI. He knew it before this revelation. Regardless of outcome neither Hillary nor Trump would keep him on. Do I trust him? No, he’s not given me any reason to. Maybe, this will be like on TV where you see the dirty cop have a change of heart on the way out. Making his last act one of honor and courage. After all, no one goes into law enforcement intending to be a dirty cop. Did Comey remember why he has that badge? Let’s hope so.      

Michael Loeb

Conservative White American Male - Most recent addition to the endangered species list. -Make a conservative angry by lying to them, make a liberal angry by telling them the truth.

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