[A guest column from a friend who provides needed answers to a movement of shamers. Shamers are those out there who feel the need to verbally bully people they disagree with in order to silence them into submission.] Today’s message is for the faith-based conservative man or woman who has been verbally battered, bullied or guilt-tripped by a friend or family member with the message that if you voted for Trump you somehow are

Cupcakes with safety pins.

Tolerance only for those that the far left can tolerate.

against them and you are no longer welcome in their world. There is usually a radical activist in your son or daughter’s life that doesn’t have strong family ties and wants to negatively influence your children’s minds to make sure their ties to family are loosened enough to break away. A common story I’ve read as I peruse the liberal political blogs the last 8 days, go something like this: conservative faith-based parents who spawned a gay or lesbian son or daughter, or a child deeply committed to gay or lesbian causes, are told they hate their son or daughter by supporting Trump. Ostensibly because Mike Pence is a faith-based conservative that doesn’t buy into the notion that the liberal progressive’s moving needle of morality trumps the spirited message of God’s truth as it pertains to immorality. As parents, we support our children. Caring for their lives never quite ends, and we hope that they are left with the indelible fingerprint of our love on their hearts long after we are gone. I have a tremendous love for all 5 of my children, and it does not feel any different for my 3 grandchildren. I will lay down my life for any of the 8 of them. The unchurched millennials are going to unceasingly attack conservative, faith-based millennials the rest of their lives. That is a given. Never stop fighting to preserve the truth, religious millennials. The secularists work for another spirit, and they are going to try to wear you down to compromise your beliefs, and guilt trip you into lowering your standards and even try to convince you that the love you have for God is equal to hate for them. Our hearts are like a fortress. They must be protected. We must stand our ground with the truth and not let human secularism seduce us or scare us into compromise. The truth is what sets us free, and we know the truth, and human secularism is not it. Human secularism is diametrically opposed to the truth. So, knowledge is king, and I am going to arm you with some knowledge that will help you to defend your position with those you love that are trying to guilt trip you into compromising your beliefs.

Have you checked inside your glass house?

1.Regarding your identity in Judeo-Christian values: Loving God and His word are the antitheses of human secularism. The secularists say that God is an invention of man and that faith gets in the way of progressiveness. What you will find is that secularists, because they have never engaged their heart to God’s through faith, they become cold, indifferent, and even hostile towards the miracle of creation, the absolute God ordained miracle of life. They call it reproductive rights and choice. They created is a tadpole that overcame great odds and swam to safety already, once, but ultimately won’t make it to shore because the inconvenienced, selfish and cold hearted willfully chooses death for their created. Why do I care about abortion? I am a man. It is because it is a harbinger to the advent of the human family’s end. It deprives us of great people, resilient overcomers, great inventors, statesmen, explorers, agriculturalists, medical inventors, doctors and caregivers, great scientists, etc. 2.Regarding your response to guilt tripping family members that Trump is anti-WOMEN/LGBT: The Clintons have lined their pockets with millions from middle eastern countries that stone gay people and deny women basic rights. Women cannot even drive in Saudi Arabia. Gay behavior is punishable by death by stoning. Somehow Hillary is still an LGBT champion. No. She is a hypocrite. Trump is assailed for an 11-year-old comment about fondling groupies, but you completely ignore Madonna saying that she will provide a sexual act to anybody that votes for Hillary. Isn’t that misogynist? For Hillary Clinton. No, that is hypocrisy. Lena Dunham can admit that she molested her own sister and that’s perfectly fine but Trump is a danger to women. You cannot reconcile that level of hypocrisy, but you must remember it. 3.Regarding your response to Trump and his voters being racist: Where were you back in 2008 when Obama was sitting in a church listening to Jeremiah Wright spew his hatred against America saying that nearly 3000 Americans deserved to die in 9/11 because we somehow asked for it. Here is a guy who screamed “God damn America” from the pulpit and blasted white people en masse and Barrack Obama sat in his church for years and you fall all over yourselves to defend him. Where were you back just a few months ago when the Clinton camp was mocking Catholics for being “backward” and questioned whether Bernie Sanders is a real Jew. I did not hear that on the evening news.

  1. This week I applauded President Obama for his reconciliatory tone in the transition of the Trump administration. I also spent much of the last 8 years criticizing the lawless and racist climate I felt he created in this country. Siding with protestors that turn violent, siding with Muslims that refuse to criticize those that hijacked their religion, treating Christian values as if they are the values of a bigot, and even making those of us that want secure borders and fairness in the immigration process to be haters.

Our fight my friends is not against those in the press that we see and their secular followers, our struggle is against the powers, principalities, and wicked spirits in high places. As the Apostle Paul teaches us what he was taught, so we believe. Our prayer must be to change hearts not minds. Keep the faith my friends.