With the end nearing, Obama’s frustration shows.

Lis Pendens Served

The housing market topped out in late 2006 and then the bubble burst sending home values into freefall. In 2007 and 2008 when we were looking for a house to purchase it was not surprising that the vast majority of the homes we saw were foreclosures. Many of the foreclosures we saw were left in ruins. No appliances, even the hot water heaters were taken. Not one piece of drywall was left intact and in some, bags of cement were flushed down the toilet. Some people who lost their homes were angry when they left. Not only did they turn out the lights they took the light fixtures and ripped out the wiring as well. 

Barack Obama will be leaving office in just a few days there will be tears shed. Some out of sadness, many out of joy. Before he leaves, Obama will rip the plumbing out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Obama is leaving angry and has done and will continue to do for the next few days anything and everything in his power to make his anger and contempt for Americans who failed to see his greatness readily apparent. You see, the American people have called the note, have sent a certified message that he is to leave the premises and that he does not have the right to convey the property someone of his choosing.

Obama’s legacy has been foreclosed upon.

While promising the smoothest transition ever, Obama’s actions prove different. So, while Obama’s staff shows Trump’s transition team where the bathrooms are and how to jiggle the handle to stop the water running, Obama is busy alienating allies, antagonizing enemies and laying massive swaths of land and sea unusable. Anything to energize his base, by making things harder for Donald Trump.

Who Put that Pitching Wedge Through the Mirror in the Lincoln Bedroom?

When Queen Maleficent asked, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” She was not looking for the truth, but for a reinforcement of what she believed was the truth. The real truth sent her into a tirade that led to her fall. The American public is the ultimate mirror here.  The truth has always been there for those choosing to see.  Obama spent the first two years of his presidency passing Obamacare. The American voter spent the last six years taking away over 1,000 seats from the president’s party, culminating with the shocking defeat of Hillary (It’s My Turn) Clinton. 

The Democratic Party gave away seats like it was a going out of business sale at the local furniture mart. US Senate and Congress, state houses, and governorships are gone. Many in what normally would be considered safe zones.  It would seem that the only safe place left for the Democratic Party would be the insane asylums better known as California, and New York. 

Obama’s farewell speech took place in Obama’s hometown of Chicago. Not surprisingly he was received with many cheers. I imagine that many were cheering a few hours spent away from the gunfire that peppers their streets. An evening of silence is a rare occurrence for many in Chicago who live in neighborhoods that are significantly more dangerous than Allepo, Syria. I am pretty sure Gary Johnson would recognize the City of Chicago if asked.

Obama Goes All In vs. History

Not waiting for the historians to chime in Obama has begun writing his version. He has been making the circuit claiming that his administration has been scandal free. [If you’ve stopped laughing we can continue.] Never play poker with Obama, because anyone that can say that with a straight face will bluff you out of your milk money with a pair of twos. 

For those with a short memory here are just a few. Operation Fast and Furious – Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress (first for a cabinet member); Benghazi; Solyndra – DOE said ‘no’, Obama override says ‘yes’; VA death lists; DOJ spying on journalists; IRS targeting conservative groups; NSA mass surveillance; Clinton’s email server to circumvent FOIA requests while at the State Dept.; Missing $6Billion at the State Dept.; Bowe Bergdahl; $4Billion in untraceable cash to Iran ransom payment; Colorado River cover-up… the list goes on. 

I guess what Obama means is that his administration was never held to the standards of others. Anything and everything that happened was given a pass. More proof to the foreclosure on the Obama legacy is the news that staffers who worked for Obama and Hillary cannot find work post-Obama. Usually a position at the White House or State Dept. looks great on your resume. Even Van Jones has a job. Not lately though as those who have tied their careers to Obama and Clinton add to the unemployment figure. 

When socialists learn about the free market and meritocracies, it is a good day! Snowflake, meet snow shovel. In a prior installment, we predicted the decline of the Clinton Foundation. We had no idea it would happen so soon. The Clinton Global Initiative is closing, officially discontinued. While this was planned in September (ahead of the conflict being POTUS would create), it has nothing to do with what is happening at the parent organization, the Clinton Foundation. 

At the Foundation revenue has had a steep decline as large donors (private and national) disappear. After all, with no power, no juice, no pull, Hillary and Bill Clinton have nothing left on the shelves to sell, therefore no buyers come to plunk down large amounts of cash. Is it hard evidence that there was a Pay to Play scheme there? No, but the investigation into the Foundation continues, and this adds to the picture that any prosecutor would paint for a jury. 

If you care to wonder, yes, I’m smiling

Michael Loeb

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