The Sniper Concussion

A new political term.

A ‘sniper concussion’ is not a term you have ever heard before.  Why?  Because I have just made it up. It is a rare condition.  Not surprisingly it is afflicting a rare individual, Hillary Clinton.

Document Dump Friday

In a prior installment, we’ve told you what happens on Fridays in Washington. Usually, reports and document dumps are released so that by Monday, or in this case Tuesday, it will all be forgotten. It is a political move. Used recently by the White House, the State Department, the IRS. It is worrisome that it is employed by the FBI, an organization that shouldn’t be political.

Clinton before Congress
Clinton testifies before Congress. “At this point what difference does it make. Oh, and by the way, I don’t remember any of it.”
This Friday gave us FBI documents in which Hillary Clinton claims to have absolutely no recollection as to receiving training on how to handle classified info, does not recall receiving her security clearance, forgot why she set up the private server. Does not recall so many things about classified information, super top secret classified information, deleted emails, multiple communication devices when she claimed convenience of using one device as a reason for her personal email server, wiped servers, meeting with people who plunged vast sums into her foundation. Clinton blames it all on her concussion. A bump on the head that was so accurate and so selective that it only targeted information that had to do with her emails, deleting of private emails which now turn out not to be private and sending and receiving top secret info over open channels. Yet, this concussion affected no other parts of her brain or supposed vast knowledge of the world. Hence the term – Sniper Concussion.

We are forced to assume this massive concussion does not hamper her ability to be POTUS. Nor are we even allowed to pose the question.

The sniper concussion was kind enough to leave the parts of Hillary’s brain that must do with her ability to hold the most important job in the world completely intact. Well, that is what we are asked to believe. You could say we are forced to believe it or be attacked by the free media that our Founding Father’s envisioned as the great protector of liberty and freedom. A free media which now behaves more like Pravda than the watchdogs of the Republic.

Liar, Liar Pantsuit on Fire

When do the people of this country wake up to the farce? I would like to buy each and every citizen a copy of George Orwell’s novel 1984, about a totalitarian society where history and facts change at a moment’s notice. A society where you forget what you knew to be true yesterday and hold what you are told to be true today as the only truth that ever existed. A time where the labor of the people is sapped by a government that provides a most meager existence. A brilliant work of fiction that is all too close to reality.

Dr. Drew was fired from his TV spot after questioning Clinton’s health. Pictures and video of Clinton’s special handler with a Diazepam injector (used to treat seizures) at the ready, raise questions we’re not allowed to ask.

Hillary will have no answers to that most important question. A question we also wrote about in an installment entitled, All the Difference in the World. She will have no answers to the most famous of all questions in the most famous of all cover-ups, “What did you know, and when did you know it?” Why will she have no answer to that question?  Because she has set herself up to have no questions asked.  It has been close to 300 days since Clinton has had a real press conference. The last time she was asked about wiping her server clean. “What, like with a rag,” she replied miming a wiping gesture. According to her campaign, she holds press conferences every day.  That is not entirely accurate. Sitting down with a single reporter given a list of questions they can ask and more importantly questions they cannot ask is not a press conference. Her campaign vows she will hold press conferences as President. Really?  Sounds an awful lot like, “You have to pass it before you can see what’s in it.”  That famous line by Nancy Pelosi about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you know it as Obamacare. Pelosi has not been lucky enough to be hit with a sniper concussion.  Her sporadic words of lunacy lead us to believe that her concussions are more random and widespread. The kind you would get by repeatedly running head first into a brick wall at full speed.

Let them eat cake

Recently, Hillary was asked a question by a reporter in the rope line.  Her response was to give the reporter a plate of chocolates, “give them some chocolates to try. Hmm, these are good.”  Clinton was lucky she was at a confection store and not a bakery. Otherwise, she might have said, “Let them eat cake.” That famous line attributed to the French Queen Marie Antoinette was an indication of her total disregard and lack of understanding of the plight of the starving peasants. It was a rallying cry for revolution and serves today as a sign of disdain for the average citizen by the ruling elite. Marie Antoinette was declared guilty and sentenced to death at the guillotine. One of the charges against her was ‘conspiracy against the internal and external security of the State.’ The similarities would be amusing if not so serious. We need not dust off and sharpen the guillotine just yet. All we need to do to stop this queen’s reign is vote. What say you?  

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