We all have friends and relatives that reside on the far left end of the political spectrum. Talking to them is hard, almost impossible. Facts, reason, and logic hold no sway. It is all about emotion. I feel for them. I see them in the streets calling for violence, wearing ridiculous hats and costumes making them look like body parts best not seen in public. They cannot accept loss because they have never had to accept it before. They have been sheltered by the false beliefs of their superiority.

So, instead of writing to a specific far left progressive liberal after seeing their Facebook post, I decided to write an open letter to all of them. Please feel free to forward. 

I was under the impression that when we discussed ‘fake news’ and how we should refrain from posting it that you were going to include yourself in the group that should refrain from posting fake news. Through all your postings you have yet to point to anything that President Trump has done that is outside of what he promised that he would do. These pledges garnered him well over the number of Electoral College votes needed to win the presidency, as described in the US Constitution. I only mention this, so you will not have to waste time with the popular vote fallacy, and I will not have to spend time with the number of illegal aliens that voted in California, and in other states, as proved by the recount you and Jill Stein demanded.

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington.

In fact, Trump is doing exactly what he promised, and in record time. This comes as a shock to the press, to you, to the rest of your leftist friends, to the elites on the right, and to the swamp itself. To real America, it is like a breath of fresh air. America has witnessed first-hand eight full years of your preferred style of fundamental change. 

Over the course of those eight years, your party (time to shed that faux independent mask) has lost over 1000 elections, US Senate and Congress, local state house legislatures, governors. So, on this past Saturday, while your party required voter ID and paper ballots to elect a new chair, and went from the party of in the closet white hating, America hating, Jew hating to fresh and out in the open party of white hating, America hating, and Jew hating, this piece of fake news nonsense is what you find to post. This is what upsets you? This is what piques your interest? 

You are completely oblivious not only to the direction your party has taken but the speed in which it is going. You are suffering from Liberal Derangement Syndrome (LDS). You are incapable of accepting how badly you have been fooled by your liberal teachers, liberal college professors, liberal news anchors, and liberal actors, actresses, and musicians. You were fooled into believing what they wanted you to believe instead of what the empirical evidence leads you to believe. 

You numbed your senses to the point that you readily accepted the feelings of others over yours because your feelings were too real, too painful, too different than what you have been told to expect. Participating is winning, winning is evil; wrong is right, right is deplorable; God is dead, and Obama is God. You suppressed anything and everything resembling the real world because you were afraid that you would not fit into your group think. 

Simply put you cannot accept how wrong you have been. So much so that now the truth makes you physically ill. Better to kill the truth, destroy what is real and tear down all those that have the strength to see the world for what it is. Better to kill the boy that sees the emperor naked than to admit the lie because the lie is all you have and all you have ever known. There is comfort in the lie. It is time to come out of the fog of lies, the stupor of group think and to experience the real world. 

For in all its pain and ugliness, only there will you find truth and beauty.

Michael Loeb

Conservative White American Male - Most recent addition to the endangered species list. -Make a conservative angry by lying to them, make a liberal angry by telling them the truth.

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