Vladimir Putin and Russia are now being blamed for Hillary’s loss. Russia is known for its brutal winters but they do not compare to the blizzard of snowflakes that inhabit this country.

Fake News Alert

Remember back in 2012 when Trump said to Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia, “After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.”? Remember when Trump went on all the news programs to push the ‘fake news’ story of how an obscure YouTube video caused a riot that took the lives of a US ambassador and those trying to protect him? Remember when Trump sent taxpayer money to Israel in an attempt to influence an election to defeat of Benjamin Netanyahu? Remember when Trump decided to attack Libya and kill Muammar Gaddafi, without the consent of Congress? Sending Libya into turmoil leading to the deaths of countless civilians as well as the Benghazi attack? Remember when Trump warned the free citizens of Great Britain against voting for BREXIT, the exiting of the European Union? No?  Yeah, well neither do I, because those were the actions Russian President, Vladimir Putin. No, they were not.  Neither Russia nor Putin had anything to do with those events. Those events were a combination of the actions and policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

However, for the sake of all the snowflakes in the country, please forget all that.  It is Trump and Russia who pose an existential threat to the world.  It is Russia that is hacking everything but your Auntie May’s firewood.  (BTW, get a move on, winter is coming!) The Putin fascination is spilling over our borders as Russia and Vladimir Putin are being blamed again as another globalist is about to be deposited into the dustbin of history.

Merkel’s Murky Future-Putin to Blame

First, it was BREXIT, then Trump, then the Italian referendum against giving more power to the government, and now German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is feeling the heat. So, what else to do than to follow the lead of liberals in America who have learned to silence dissent by playing the race card, female card, and now the Putin card. Ah Ha!  It could only be the evil Soviet Empire that has stolen these past elections from the globalists. It could not be globalism vs. freedom or open borders vs. state sovereignty. It could not be a revolt against massive redistribution of wealth. It could not be decades of failed socialist policies. It could not be the streets of Cologne that are no longer safe for women to walk. No, the globalists have decided what the masses must like and must accept.

  If national suicide is the cost of tolerance then so be it.  

All the better to rid ourselves of these pointless and countless government entities when there should only be one. Germany’s intelligence agency is condemning Russia’s increased “operations” against Merkel and other German government officials. While Putin is no altar boy, and Russia can be a bad actor, little proof is given to Russia’s involvement.

Was Putin a Member of AnyoneButHillary Party?

Did Putin prefer Trump over Hillary? Maybe.  Maybe, like me, Putin was a registered member of the AnyoneButHillary Party. Maybe, as a world leader, Putin had a front row seat to the damage that Clinton did to Putin’s part of the world.  Russia is relatively close to the middle east, to Syria, Iran and all the YouNameIt-stan countries that Hillary and Obama helped to destabilize. Just a few years ago Putin laid the creation of ISIS at the feet of Obama and Clinton. 

However, let us get back to Merkel.  This little piece of month old strudel found herself on the cover of Time magazine as Person of the Year in 2015. Chosen because she opened her borders to 100,000’s of refugees from Syria and the likes. (Note to snowflakes, the M in TIME looks like horns on the top of Merkel’s head, too.) According to the German government, 1.1 million refugees entered Germany with about half a million filing for formal asylum, which would come with a German passport and freedom to travel the EU and automatic visas to the US. These are the same people that Saudi Arabia and every other country in the Middle East refused due to safety issues. Where was Germany’s intelligence agency then?

If national suicide is the cost of tolerance then so be it.

Well, times have changed, and you can have just so many rapes, sexual assaults, assaults, riots, and rampages until someone notices. You can have just so many cities fall into chaos before people demand answers and question the policies of their government.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

The open borders goal of the globalist elites cannot be the reason for the average citizen to become alarmed. As Obama and Nancy Pelosi tell us so often, it is not the policy but the failure of messaging that is the cause of people’s anger and lost elections. That is their way of telling us that we are too stupid to know what is good for us. As always, the Progressive can live our lives much better than we can live our own. 

Merkel’s initial response was to tell women not to go out at night alone. Translate that to say, “we have no control over the situation.” Now would be a good time to remind you that when asked who her favorite world leader was, Hillary Clinton responded, “Angela Merkel.” Clinton wanted to increase the number of refugees imported by 500%. Clinton will have a Secret Service detail until the day she passes. Not so for you nor I. We, my friend are on our own. 

In hindsight, November 8th, 2016 becomes more glorious and important with each and every passing day. Germany is not alone. Sweeden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland are facing the same issues. It is not hard to find videos of once beautiful cities being torn apart. It is hard to watch actual human suffering without doing something. At the same time, you do not pull someone into your lifeboat if their only desire is to capsize the boat. 

As a last ditch effort to save herself, Merkel has banned the full veil burka wherever legally possible. Is it the women who are wearing burkas the ones raping and assaulting people? In 2012 Mitt Romney called Russia our number-one geopolitical foe. Obama retorted, “The 80’s called, they want their foreign policy back.” Oh, how they laughed and laughed. Now Russia is being blamed for hacking everyone’s email, hacking the voting process, forcing over 60 million people to vote for Donald Trump giving him a LANDSLIDE Electoral College victory, meddling in elections all over the world and probably rigging Dancing with the Stars.

The Proof is Not in the Borscht

The only thing missing is proof. 

The only proof that liberals are offering is that Hillary Clinton did not get elected president. It could only be the Russian’s fault. Especially now that it is no longer Comey’s fault, or now that their recount efforts have failed. Except there is no proof. 

We are all of a sudden supposed to be upset when we think others have been meddling in our election, yet the US has been meddling in foreign elections since the inception of the CIA. Did Obama not try to influence the BREXIT vote? Did Obama not try to influence an Israeli election against Netanyahu? When there were no elections, did Clinton talk Obama into killing Qaddafi? When an ambassador was killed didn’t Obama, Clinton and Rice promote ‘fake’ news? Didn’t CNN provide Clinton with debate questions? Did the Russians? The DNC colluded to influence the primary against Bernie Sanders. Did the Russians? Wasn’t it Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, who claimed from the Senate floor that he had proof that Mitt Romney did not pay his income taxes. It was a lie. Why is it okay to have a high ranking public official lie to influence elections but not low ranking Russian operatives? Does citizenship make lying okay?

Clinton Too Much Like …. Clinton?

Did the Russians prevent Clinton from campaigning in Wisconsin? Did they stop her from holding 3 to 4 events per day like Trump had? Did the Russians prevent US citizens from attending Clinton rallies in the numbers that attended Trump rallies? 

They had a Clinton rally here in Fort Pierce; there were no Russians keeping people away, and they had to pay people to show up. Clinton’s lack of connection to people; her plastic like persona; and her 30 years of lying to the public kept people away. Obama’s policies kept people away. 

Did the FBI investigate the murder of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was murdered at 4 am outside his home? No money was taken, no sign of a struggle, a violent end to a young life. His story is like so many others that have crossed the path of the Clintons. Julian Assange implied that his DNC leak was indeed Rich, many others have also come out and said the same. There are many who confirmed that the DNC leak was from the inside, not Lubyanka. 

However, it is a good story and fuels the flames under the alt-left who have threatened the lives of numerous Electoral College participants in various states. The favorite at a horse race wins only 35% of the time, and each time the horses are forced to run around the track. Clinton assumed running would not be necessary. SHE LOST. Get over it, move on. Unfortunately, that will not happen as Putin is the new Race Card.

I Would Prefer if You Just Said, “Good-Bye.”

In the words of Harry Reid, when asked about the lie he told about Romney’s taxes, “It worked didn’t it.” He showed zero remorse. It is what it is. He’s retiring, hopefully to his exercise machine. And finally to the now famous words of Hillary Clinton herself, annoyed that a government employee must answer questions from the representatives of the people, “At this point, what difference does it make?”


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