We’re Back!

Because This Matters.net is back

We Are Back !

We are back.  Yes, you heard that correctly. We stopped writing in hopes that the Pink Pussy Hat Brigade would some how calm down, that somehow the melted and melting snowflakes (is it illegal to use that term yet?) would congeal into some sort of Starbucks pink smoothie crappachino. Hoping against hope that Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer, and the crew would finally calm down like Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Unfortunately, Nurse Ratched armed with a nuclear powered taser would not be able to subdue this army of talking point zombies.

New energy to write what YOU want to read. New format. New website, hopefully meaner and leaner and faster loading; – it’s a process, construction helmets are recommended, let me know if you find broken links, paths to nowhere, or a portal to the dark web where the Russians and/or Gertrude Walker fix elections.

Let’s face it, watching the liberal left meltdown of 2017 got tired pretty quickly.. no it didn’t.. I lied.. it’s mid 2018 and I’m still not tired of it, but just sitting back and eating popcorn is getting boring so it’s time to jump back in.  Keep my hand at writing and keep my audience smiling and chuckling.

So, buckle up Buckaroos, let’s tell it like it is.

I want to thank those that kept on asking that I continue to write. They know who they are. And to our Friday night group, for any of you lucky enough to bear witness, you know what feeds the insanity. Love is too small a word. I blame them I dedicate these pages to them.

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